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CTSi obtained accreditation of Orange FR, and became an outfield test supplier of Orange FR.


Since establishment of a decade, CTSi established human resource stations in as more as 10 cities around the world and kept increasing its service items.


CTSi set up Topcomtek Inc., a subsidiary, in Chinese Mainland and acquired qualification as an outfield test supplier for CMCC in Mainland.


CTSi won accreditation qualification of third party laboratory of TAF ISO 17025 and became a member of GCF RTO FT & RTO IOP.


With management process passing ISO 9001 certification, CTSi expanded its scale to four hundred employees and gained recognition of Fujitsu Japanese as a field test service provider.


CTSi cooperated with famous accreditation and authentication laboratories like BV, SGS, Sporton, etc.


CTSi established branches in Xiamen and Beijing to actively develop business in Chinese mainland market.


Unafraid of the attack brought by the financial tsunami, CTSi cooperated with MediaTek and some big Japanese companies and actively trained employees in GSMA-related techniques.


In 2008, CTSi was invited to GCF with the support of CGC Herman, becoming a member certified by GCF.


In 2007, CTSi kept receiving outfield testing orders and cultivating talents to exchange with overseas manufacturers. A permanent testing center in the United States was established this year.


In 2006, CTSi received testing orders from Nokia, Foxconn, CCI, ASUS and other domestic and overseas companies.


Since 2005, CTSi was established and designated by Nokia as its field testing company in Taiwan. Meanwhile, it also gained the PA certification of Asia Pacific Telecom of Nokia.